“Making an impact”

“Finding purpose”

“Combining skills & passion”

… Does it sound familiar?


About a two years ago I started wondering what I wanted to do with my life. Predictably, there is no easy answer to this and for a lot of us, possibly no answer at all.

After a fair amount of books & articles reading, talks listening & conversations with friends, I however found out the following:

  1. Nearly everyone is, has, or will question their life direction
  2. Every chats is a step towards getting an answer

Hence, the desire to make this blog & podcast! I wish that by listening to the journeys of these people who once aspired, you’ll get to be inspired in return.

Voila 🙂


(or well, those you’re likely to ask, as realistically having just launch the blog, nobody asked them yet!)

Why would you have a blog AND a podcast?

We all have different ways and preferences to consume content. I was just keen to give people a choice?

How often do you publish?

I’m aiming at releasing a new podcast episode every two to three weeks, with small articles in between.

What’s this accent?

You probably would know straight away I’m french 😉

I have a great story to share and/or a complain on said accent and/or a question, where can I contact you?

Please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter